ELL, handmade in Portugal!
Four friends- a doctor, an engineer, a teacher and a manager- with the desire of making women’s life easy and colorful….!
So ELL was born, in 2014, in the north of Portugal, in the beautiful city of Porto!
ELL is all about summer, love, freedom, color, good vibes, style, versatility, comfort…. You can change your style and color every day, combining it with any outfit!
ELL is a premium footwear brand, carefully made in Portugal, that designs the best interchangeable fashion sandals, with the finest and softest materials!
All our super comfortable & cushioned soles, can match with dozens of colorful and fashionable interchangeable straps, made out of leather and fine materials!

Just choose the ones you Love, swap the straps and match it with any outfit!
THAT easy!!

Change it! Enjoy it! Love & Live it, with ELL!